Jung AS582WW 2-Way Frame



Jung AS582WW 2-Way Frame

SummaryJung: The perfect solution for your installationSwitching ModeJung AS582WW 2-Way Frame DescriptionJung AS582WW 2-Way Frame – Jung: The perfect solution for your installation – Switching Mode — Frame for 2 sockets, for horizontal and vertical combination number of units is 2 mounting direction: horizontally and vertically. Number of unit horizontal: 1. number of units vertical is 2nd Suitable for FLUSH-MOUNTED installation is Yes. Suitable for devices Eeinbau channel is Yes. Suitable for built-in installation is: Yes. Surface flush design is Yes. Text field/labelling area is no. Material is plastic. Material quality is durable plastic. Halogen-free is Yes. With a other surface. Design with a shiny surface. Colour is white is a fantastic addition to any home. RAL Number (similar to) is 9010. is no. With a hinged lid is no. Type of protection (IP) is IP44. Attachment Type is other. Width of 80.5 mm Height is 151.5 mm Depth 10,22 mm scale/Vertical young frame AWS scales/vertically as 582 WW4011377309555 — Welcome to our OnBuy storefront, where you can find reduced prices on many items. We look forward to serving you to your highest satisfaction. By buying from us, you agree to our terms & conditions. If you have any queries please contact us through onBuy.

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