P-134 Pointer VU Meter High-precision Digital Power Meter Head Level Indicator Audio Spectrum for Speaker Amplifier



P-134 Pointer VU Meter High-precision Digital Power Meter Head Level Indicator Audio Spectrum for Speaker Amplifier

P-134 Pointer VU Meter High-precision Digital Power Meter Head Level Indicator Audio Spectrum for Speaker Amplifier DescriptionP-134 Pointer VU Meter Head Chassis HIFI Power Amplifier DB Sound Level Meter with Backlight Power Amplifier BoardFeature:1. Standard test conditions, temperature 20 ?, humidity 70%. It can also be tested at normal temperature and humidity.2. Influenza companion pointer on scale from zero to maximum amplitude sensitivity 1000 10% (full scale position).3. Insulation impedance meter outside the box and circuit with 500V DC and 50m ohm meter case.4. The circuit impedance of electrical insulation is the insulation value of 500V DC voltage test. Pointer to overlap, zero scale tolerance 1 mm, balance sheet with standard position and tilt 90 degrees to 1 mm error range.5. The pointer can increase the current instantaneous current to three times of the full scale current, and slowly reduce to 1 / 2 level electronic influenza.6. The pointer will return to the dial in the 1 / 3 scale friction meter combined with the current, and slowly increase or decrease to a certain value. The indication error range is 1 mm.7. Two thirds of the current value of the hand on the brake direct plus dial indicates the position of the desired time, one second or less.Specification:Pointer swing direction: from left to rightNeedle length: 701mm from the center line to the end of the needleMaterial: ABS Size: 134*95*45mm/5.27*3.74*1.77Internal impedance: 100 ? 10%Service temperature limit: – 10 ? to + 60 ? RH 35 to 85%Storage temperature limit: – 20 ? to + 60 ? RH 35 to 85%Special Tests:1. The test is carried out at any time interval from five seconds to ten times, with full scale current input overload and repeated nine times every 0.5 seconds. 7-14 normal maintenance after this test.2. The vibration tester is installed on the vibration plate, 1000 times per minute, and vibrates 4mm up and down in any direction for 10 minutes. 3. After this test, the 7-14 normally maintained impact tester was packed in a 3 cm thick board with a drop height of 30 cm, and was tested in XYZ three directions.4. After the test 7-14 (generally maintaining reliability), the current input of 100000 calibration points within the current sensing range is still standard environmental impact test temperature of 50 C and humidity of 85% for 100 hours. 5. Terminal tension test: the terminal must withstand a voltage of kg for 60 seconds without being affected.Warm Tips:1. Do not use the instrument in direct sunlight, and put the instrument in the box to avoid foreign matters inside the instrument.2. The terminal in the welding state is placed in a tinplate with a temperature of 230 ? for about 3 mm for 3.5 seconds.3. After this test, 7-14 times of normal maintenance.4. The soldering temperature of the handheld soldering iron is 350 ?, the contact time of the terminal is 3.5 seconds, and the front end of the terminal is about 3 mm in contact with the welding gun.5. After this test, 7-14 times of normal maintenance.6. Three times of antistatic test in the same direction indicate the difference between the hands, which is on the scale length of 1 / 3 of the dry nylon zero position on the surface of the transparent cover.Note: Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 1 X Pointer VU Meter
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